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BioSweats Full Zipper - Skin Moisturizing Detox Sauna Jacket (Women) - Clearance
BioSweats Full Zipper - Skin Moisturizing Detox Sauna Jacket (Women) - Clearance

BioSweats Full Zipper - Skin Moisturizing Detox Sauna Jacket (Women) - Clearance


A high quality skin moisturizing & pore cleansing detox sauna suit jacket designed with a fashionable heavy cotton blend outer shell, seamlessly combined with our unique Ultra Stretch Poly-Bio-Flex fabric inner lining. (NON-NEOPRENE). New Improved ULTRA STRETCH gives you maximum stretch-ability with bonded Poly-Bio-Flex and Triple Woven Spandex for the utmost sweat output. Anatomically designed to embrace and fit comfortably around the feminine figure. Extremely Durable & Light Weight for greater comfort and effectiveness; with True-Shape & Sculpt technology. A specially designed 100% extra-soft durable Sweat-Inducing inner lining fabric that feels like soft leather to help you increase sweat output up to 70% while shaping and sculpting the upper body. BioSweats Poly-Bio-Flex fabric technology is an effective sweat aid which uses natural body heat to increasingly generate intense perspiration up to 70% during workout to help you achieve your weight loss goal faster. BioSweats Poly-Bio-Flex fabric inner lining uses a sweat excretion process through perspiration to stimulate the entire body, thus helping to rid the body of excess water weight gain, and evenly melts away unwanted body fat and stubborn inches! This weight loss process works just like the expensive saran wrap body treatments offered at exclusive health spas. BioSweats Sauna Jacket is durable, tear resistant and machine washable. Bio-Sweats Muti-Purpose Sauna Suit is made with our double layered Poly-Bio-Flex water resistant fabric and is designed for the active lifestyle and ideal for various sporting activities. Bio Sweats can be used as an effective sauna suit, all fitness workouts, weight loss exercise, ski/water sports, water-resistant and warm suit. Stretch Factor: 75% Stretchable (Advanced Firm Fit with Superior Range of Motion & Stretch Comfort)

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BioSweats Full Zipper Sauna Suit Jacket - Ultra Stretch (Women)


The Bio-Sweats Sauna Suit Jacket is a high-end sauna jacket made with our double layered Ultra -Stretch Poly-Bio-Flex fabric (NON-NEOPRENE) to make you sweat twice as much while shaping and sculpting the upper body. The easy-zip front and mock neck provide complete coverage while also making it easy to slip on and off for an effective workout. The hour-glass shaped waist helps cinch the waistline and eliminates the appearance of unsightly rolls of belly and back fat. The attractive contrasting stitching and color block design gives the jacket sleek style and helps contour the upper body. Our Poly-Bio-Flex fabric helps tame and train the midriff with snug semi-compression fit, while sculpting an hourglass figure comfortably. BioSweats Sauna Suits provide intensive sauna therapy by using your natural body heat to speed up your metabolic rate from any type of low or high-energy physical exercise. BioSweats increases perspiration 70% more during your workout. BioSweats Sauna Suits are available in a variety of comfortable Real Sizes such as: Small up to 5XL. The BioSweats sweat excretion process through perspiration stimulates the entire body, thus helping to rid the body of not only excess water weight gain, but evenly helps melt away unwanted body fat and stubborn inches.

Multi-Purpose Sauna Suit For Weight-Loss Use:

Bio-Sweats Multi-Purpose Sauna Suit can be used as a weight-loss sauna suit. The Bio-Sweat Sauna Suit is an effective sweat aid that uses natural body heat through perspiration to help stimulate the entire body causing the body to lose excess water weight gain and fat build-up; very effective for targeting stubborn areas. Also helps target and reduce fat in thighs, legs, arms, stomach, and back-fat rolls. Helps tighten the stomach muscles, aids in eliminating the common stomach pouch, love handles, and the unattractive appearance of stretch marks, fat dimples and cellulite. The Bio-Sweats Sauna Suit is used by professional athletes and body builders to help achieve and maintain healthy body weight/shape.

Multi-Purpose Sauna Suit For Ski Use:

Used as waterproof/warmth ski Anorak/Breeches to protect user from extreme cold temperatures, keeps the body warm, and is comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

Bio-Sweats Multi-Purpose Sleep Sauna Suit For Occlusion Use:

Bio-Sweats Multi-Purpose Sleep Sauna Suit is designed with Poly-Bio-Flex a water resistant non-irritating fabric that is the #1 recommended occlusion suit by dermatologists for patients who suffer with skin conditions such as Psoriasis. Bio-Sweats sleep sauna suits aids in protecting irritated skin rashes, facilitates healing, and helps increase topical ointment and medicated cream absorption. Bio-Sweats sleep sauna when used for Occlusion Therapy or for Skin Moisturizing Therapy treatment keeps the skin warm and damp; therefore, increasing the therapeutic effects and relief on dry skin, severe Psoriasis, helps decrease redness, scaling, skin lesions of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), chronic Dermatitis, and many other irritating skin conditions. The Bio-Sweats Multi-Purpose Sleep Sauna Suit can also be worn during the day just as regular clothing because of its comfortable & fashionable design. Sizes range from Small up to 5XL.


  • You should only use this product for occlusion purposes under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist who has experience with this practice.


Patent-pending POLY-BIO-FLEX fabric increases sweat output while enhancing the body’s ability to burn fat for energy much faster. Through heat retention to the muscles; POLY-BIO-FLEX fabric helps decrease the chances of soreness, fatigue, muscle swelling and muscle damage.


Our Bio-Sweats heavy duty sauna suit jacket is designed with Poly-Bio-Flex to hug and sculpt the feminine curves of the woman’s body. Poly-Bio-Flex fabric helps to eliminate the appearance of midriff bulges. The ultra feminine shape targets weight loss in problem areas such as arms, back, stomach, and waistline area while supporting and sculpting a slimmer midriff. Stylish block design to create the appearance of a slimmer physique.


The comfortable dual stretch-compression fit is both supportive and flattering. Poly-Bio-Flex fabric slightly compresses target areas while freely stretching with natural body movement during exercise.


  • Made with Poly-Bio-Flex to double sweat output (NON-NEOPRENE)
  • Flat seams with anti-Chafe design
  • Enhances body shape with ergonomic contrasting stitching
  • Flattering Fit
  • Shaped to target arms, back, stomach, and waistline area while supporting and sculpting a slimmer midriff.
  • Comfortable and Flexible


  • Help you sweat profusely for effective workout
  • Shape & Enhance Curves
  • Double Sweat Output
  • Comfortable & Stylish
  • Heavy Duty & Durable
  • Visually slimming front/side/back detailing
  • Thumbholes keep hands protected and warm while anchoring sleeves for control fit
  • Sleek design with convenient front storage pouch
  • Contoured Fit


  • Machine Washable/Hand Wash/Hang Dry
  • Do not bleach/ do not iron

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Reviewed by:  from miami. on 9/1/2017
The Best!
Love my jacket! It works and its well made!
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from Memphis. on 11/25/2017
Baby Fat
Just had my first child 3 months ago, and let me tell you, the Baby Fat was real. I gained 63 lbs. over 9 months! My body was swollen, my blood pressure was elevated, and my bones and joints ached! My doctor told me that I had to lose the weight as soon as possible or risk becoming diabetic, well my husband bought me this suit and a gym membership! I started going to the gym 7 days a week for one hour on the treadmill, straight cardio, and within 3 months I am happy to report that I am now 66 lbs lighter! I absolutely love this product and can't say enough about how well it works. I also want to say you can totally wear a thin layer of clothing underneath if you don't want to be dripping wet after exercising. This suit is well made and I'm so convinced I'm buying all of my sisters one because this is just too good to keep to myself.
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Reviewed by:  from California. on 12/27/2017
Making her happy
My workout partner happens to be my best friend and the love of my life. I have been using products from this company for at least a decade back with RealSauna suits. I have always loved them and worn them for activity at every level from college to pro and into retirement. I realized that getting her a BioSweat could help her with getting a great sweat going, so I bought her this jacket. She lovessssssss it!
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Reviewed by:  from Newark. on 4/23/2018
Great Warm Suit
Using this to keep my body warm during outdoor jog is working terrifically. I get a really great sweat, but manage to stay warm. I love it!
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 10/12/2017
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